401(k), 403(b), 457, & Governmental 401(a)
Plan Reviews

I frequently perform reviews similar to those performed by IRS and Department of Labor agents. During these reviews, I discover clients’ plan liabilities and costs, and I help them navigate their way through remedial steps.  As a result, I minimize my clients’ exposure to IRS and Department of Labor penalties, as well as to litigation.

Counseling Regarding Employee Benefit Plan Concerns

I counsel clients on a wide array of legal issues and questions, such as those pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, plan design, plan terminations, Form 5500, annual plan audits performed by CPA firms, plan documents, amendments, summary plan descriptions, notices to participants and beneficiaries, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, and service provider changes.

Ongoing Education & Support

I help clients proactively minimize their risk of noncompliance exposure (corporate risk and personal fiduciary risk) by promptly responding to their questions and by informing them about frequent changes in employee benefits law.  I also provide training sessions that assist clients with understanding the complex laws that apply to their retirement plans.